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Where You Can Buy Wall Sized Maps of Australia


Decorating a child’s room is always made more difficult by the transient nature of their likes and dislikes. What is in one week, is out the next. I think that is why I like the idea of decorating around maps. Aside from the fact their room becomes a geography lesson, I have found, rooms with maps in them, especially children’s rooms, tend to be timeless in their presence. This post has been created because I plan to decorate one of my sons walls with a map of Australia and the other with a map of the world, so begins to the hunt not to spend a gazillion dollars on some fancy map making mission.

The options when decorating with maps

Buy a paper map and frame it.

Sounds easy doesn’t it. In truth you can pay a lot for a framed map but if you are clever and canny you get simply buy some affordable paper ones and frame them yourself. Take note of their size, then pop down to IKEA and buy something of similar sizing from their framed prints section.

At the Mapshop you can buy framed and unframed maps of Australia (and lots of other places). Prices for a big map of Australia, unframed (a metre across) start at $49.95, or you can get them to frame it for $244.95. Obviously on top of that you pay postage. Still if you wanted an easy no fuss solution that would be it.

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Canvas Maps of Australia

Interestingly canvas maps of Australia are a pretty affordable option, I guess because they are slightly less authentic than having a map hanging in a room. Depending on whether they are replicas or original art you can expect to pay upwards of $100, ( I have seen as high as $1000). The good thing about the canvas option is you can find a map of Australia you like online and get it reproduced by companies that create canvas art from scratch. The other great feature of canvas maps is they are generally ready to hang upon delivery and because they are light, can often take some of the sturdier 3m reusable hanging options making it perfect if you are renting or don’t want to damage the walls. Check out these beauties from

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Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings of Australia are probably the second most affordable option. I have found map hangings in everywhere from IKEA, to random furniture shops to online stores like Hard to Find. This wall hanging is only $39!

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Australia and Mapping Wall Paper

I have seen some beautiful children’s rooms decorated with wall paper with maps of the world. Now I can’t find an Australian Map version, (clearly no one has been that cool so far), but check out these world versions. You can order direct from Mister Wall Paper. This also seems to be quite an affordable option, albeit more permanent.

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Paint your own mural of Australia

This may seem like a pretty hilarious option if you have no artistic ability but maybe it is not as far fetched as you think! Afterall, we live in this country! Surely we can paint a picture of where we live. Ok, maybe not.. BUT you could hire a local artist to paint one for you, which is sort of the same thing. Offer to pay them a fee, or even find an art student – talent is not necessarily defined by experience. I love the idea of having a wall painted in a children’s room with a map of Australia!

Decorating a child’s room with an Australian theme is a fabulous idea, especially is you are an expat living overseas. We are currently filling our pinterest board with other ideas and would welcome your contributions or even photos on how you have made your children’s room more Australiana!

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Ngaire has lived in Australia her whole life, raising her three kids in Brisbane. She has qualifications in journalism, PR and early childhood teaching and spends what spare time she has advocating for Australian wildlife.

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