mizzie the kangaroo

Mizzie the Kangaroo | Australian Teething Toy for Infants

mizzie the kangaroo

Having a teething baby can be one of the most challenging experiences as a parent – knowing your child is potentially in a lot of pain and wanting to do whatever you can to help sooth their tender gums. A lot of the time when cutting those first teeth, your baby may start looking for whatever they can get their hands on to chew, so why not make that something Australian designed for babies?

Australian Animal infant teething toy

Mizzie the Kangaroo is a natural rubber teething and squeeze toy, designed for infant sensory development and to assist in soothing sore gums as a result of teething. As the name suggests, Mizzie is a kangaroo shaped infant toy, designed to be small and soft enough for small babies to hold.

Mizzie the Kangaroo was created using the Hevea Tree, and is made from 100% natural rubber. Mizzie the Kangaroo complies with Australian, European and American standards, so not only is it the perfect teething accessory for your Australian baby, but also a wonderful souvenir for anyone travelling to Australia.

Supports baby sensory development

Mizzie the Kangaroo has been designed by Australian parents to not only sooth sore gums, but to also provide a sensory learning toy for babies. Babies will learn through touch with the soft rubbery texture, as well as having the scent of 100% natural rubber to stimulate their sense of smell. If you squeeze Mizzie the Kangaroo she will squeak, providing opportunity to learn through sound, as well as provide visual stimulation with her colours and unique Kangaroo shape.

mizzie the kangaroo

Mizzie the Kangaroo features –

Mizzie the Kangaroo is:

  • 100% Natural rubber from the Hevea Tree
  • designed by Australian parents
  • free from BPA, PVC, Phthalates and Nitrosamines
  • small enough to be held by infant hands
  • complies with Australian, European and American safety standards
  • coloured using non-toxic food grade dyes containing no nasty chemicals

You can find Mizzie the Kangaroo at www.mizziethekangaroo.com, where you can also find a range of other Australian inspired infant gifts and products available for purchase. You will also find a list of other websites and stores where Mizzie the Kangaroo is available for purchase.

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