natural creams to help eczema

Natural Eczema Cream For Kids

natural creams to help eczema

I have a 3 year old with Eczema. It is all over her body but predominately on her arms and face. If you have a child with eczema or skin irritation you would know that half the battle is containing the outbreak. Once it gets past a point, sometimes it feels like no return. Winter is particularly bad because of the cold winds and dry air, it seems like a never ending cycle of break out, fix, break out, fix, generally, in the end, with a steroid cream.

Steroid Cream for Eczema

For me, using even a low strength steroid cream for eczema in a three year old has not been something we have undertaken lightly but it has been a necessary to end some particularly bad bouts of eczema. The reason it has generally got to this point is because children don’t tend to like the thick greasiness of sorbolene cream, so applying it twice or thrice daily is just not sustainable. Having tried many creams, literally a cupboard full, I found them to either be greasy or they stung on application. Neither option is a long term win for myself or my child. Ideally I want to find something that Miss three will be happy to have a applied before dressing in the morning and after bath-time at night. It is this consistency in moisturising the skin that can break the cycle long term and ideally prevent ongoing itching and long term scarring.

a little bit hippy cream

A Bit Hippy

I stumbled across this brand via Sarah Wilson, best known for her I Quit Sugar Book, less known for the auto-immune disease she lives with. It is this challenge , (she lives with), that has me following her as an authentic wellness warrior (dare I use that term). What I like most about her, is she doesn’t pretend to use just one product forever. It is this authenticity that has me follow her recommendation lists. After suffering with an itchy scalp for a very long time and trying a variety of different organic and natural shampoos I thought I would try a brand recommended by Sarah. A Bit Hippy was impressive in both what is in their products and what is not. Hand on heart, since using their shampoo and conditioner, I have never had an itchy scalp again. Given my ongoing battle to find a solution for Summer’s eczema, it is only natural that I would give their product a try.

Their Australian Connection

A Little Bit Hippy is based in Burleigh Heads Queensland which is a magical spot along the coast line of South East Queensland. Locals head there for a surf or a walk along the head and enjoy some of the best beach viewing at the Gold Coast. I love that it is an Australian made product.

A Bit Hippy Eczema Cream

This is on the back of their packaging, “We know it’s itchy, but don’t panic!” GOD I LOVE THEM. Because, when I purchased this product I was panicking. A LOT.

Cream for Eczema and Psoriasis

That is what it is called. They elaborate further, “and now the medical bit…Anti-Inflammatory. Anti-Fungal. Anti Establishment.”

These are my words. Imagine a cream that isn’t greasy. Imagine a cream that doesn’t sting, even on broken skin. Imagine a cream that doesn’t smell bad but also doesn’t smell like lavender.

Imagine a cream that WORKS against the cycle of eczema and psoriasis. The active ingredients contain nothing with a number? NO NUMBERS~!!!!! Instead delicious natural ingredients like coconut oil  and chamomilla flower abound the back of the packaging. This is so good you for you, you could almost eat it!

a bit hippy

The Verdict

They believe in their ability to help people with skin conditions by proclaiming their line to be “therapeutic products for skin problems, and natural cosmetic skin care products”.

Summer refers to this cream as the nice cream, the cream that doesn’t sting or hurt, affectionately known as Mummy’s cream to differentiate from all the other creams we have used while offering the same claims. She closes her eyes and allows us to pat the cream gently on her face and says in a very calm, soft way “nice”.

My advice to any parent is, if you aren’t happy with what you are using then you should certainly try other things. If you would prefer to use natural products then don’t give up, because I nearly did until I came across this A Bit Hippy. We use this every day, morning and night and while her eczema is not gone completely.. it is reduce to a flush, a telling sign of a food allergy that is made worse by the dry and cool air. Until we uncover what that is, I am happy to say that the Bit Hippy Cream is the only cream that we have been able to apply every day that has kept the eczema from reaching the stage of broken skin, (which has only been achieved in the past by the use of steroids).

What else I like about them

I am a marketer so I do notice when someone does it well. Their packaging is filled with fun lines- and even their ordering policy is clever > “If shopping online is too much trouble, you can always do it the way our ancestors did it, and give us a ring”.

They send the products quickly and at the moment when you order you get to grab some samples. It is clever, because their products are so good that it has expanded my use of their range into the body wash, the face buffer and the bubble bath. I can highly recommend all of them. Like Sarah Wilson, unless I have a specific reason for using something (like the eczema cream), I do like to change it up every so often, but for now I am enjoying this range of very safe, natural and Australian made products.

They aren’t expensive either, find out more about them here,

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Ngaire has lived in Australia her whole life, raising her three kids in Brisbane. She has qualifications in journalism, PR and early childhood teaching and spends what spare time she has advocating for Australian wildlife.

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