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AVIDIVA - Not just another organic shop


Not Just Another Organic Shop
We all know that “Going Green” is the wave of the future.  That we need to start finding alternatives for everything – what we eat, what we do, what we use, but most importantly what we wear and what comes in close contact with our baby's precious bodies.  But it's not easy.

Who has time to stand in the middle of a shop and read label upon label trying to find the organic and/or eco-friendly items?  What does half of that stuff on the label mean anyway?  AND, how do you know it's really organic or eco-friendly if you don't understand what all those ingredients or words on the label mean?

I have one word for you – AVIDIVA.

Avidiva is an online store filled with only the best organic and eco-friendly baby products.  The time-consuming chore of 'label deciphering' has been eliminated for you as the founder of this fabulous store only stocks items that have passed her stringent quality testing – use on and around her own precious little ones.  Almost everything you see as you browse through the many categories is either used by Avidiva herself, on her kids, or she has them within her house somewhere, so you can be assured that you will be buying only the very best and the most child-friendly products available on the market today.  

Many people associate the words organic or eco-friendly with boring and a compromise on quality, but this is not the case with Avidiva.  There is definitely nothing dull or low quality about any of the items in this store.  Everything is bright, colourful and hard-wearing, which is all you can ever ask for when it comes to your kids, and best of all they are not harmful to them in any way.

From snuggly blankies to comfy bean chairs to gorgeous little onesies – which, by the way, Avidiva can personalise for you – the fabric that comes in such close contact with your little angel's skin is completely free from the harmful chemicals found in most off-the-rack items which has been found to irritate eczema, asthma and create other long-term health problems.  The same can be said for their range of skin care which can be used on any part of their bodies without a concern for the rashes or allergic reactions so many other chemical-filled products can cause.

If you want organic quality without the hefty price tag, then you need Avidiva.  

But Avidiva supports more than just the environment and the health and well-being of your precious treasures.  Avidiva also proudly supports the Australian economy by stocking products lovingly crafted by work-at-home-Mum's or up and coming Australian designers, so while these items may not necessarily be 100% organic or eco-friendly you can be assured that they have been manufactured under the Fair trade guidelines and are Sweat-Shop free.  Any such items on the Avidiva website are clearly marked so that you always know what you are buying and why.

So, where would you rather shop?  In a commercial marketplace filled with non-organic, imported products which aren't always what they seem?  Or from the comfort of your own home on a website where you know exactly what you're getting, are supporting your own country's economy instead of someone else's, and aren't compromising on quality or a health way of life?

Visit Avidiva today, you'll be so glad you did.


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